Purpose-driven copywriting

with a proven track record


Since I got into copywriting, I’ve enjoyed using my skills and experience for good.

Your clients’ audiences are savvier than ever and can see straight-through inauthentic and generic content.

In practical terms, when you use a writer who doesn’t have the right background, it can backfire:

  • Countless amends delay your projects
  • You don’t finish them on time
  • The final payment gets delayed

You want peace of mind, and your clients need relevant know-how combined with excellent writing skills.

I’ve worked with many purpose-driven organisations, including:

  • GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf – three years as the communications manager
  • Dogs on the Streets – volunteer for the LinkedIn company page
  • Huntington’s Disease Association – Christmas fundraising email campaign
  • Circle Scotland – content consultancy
  • The Halo Trust – on-page SEO strategy

I’ve also raised money for grassroots homeless organisations and blood cancer charities by writing 24 short stories in 24 hours.


When I’m not writing, you’ll find me on one of my local beaches or wandering the countryside. I love nature and being able to use my skills to protect it. I enjoy writing for animal, anti-pollution, and sporting organisations.


The topics of homelessness and mental health, in particular, are things I care deeply about. I’ve got an in-depth knowledge of these issues and have used my copywriting experience to help raise awareness and funding.


I’ve collaborated with non-profits such as Wetlands International and UNEP on various campaigns for Global Awareness Days, including World Environment Day, World Water Day and Earth Day.

"Working with Jamie was a real pleasure. His ability to take ideas from (sometimes very rough) concept to fruition was hugely valuable to the company and me personally. Jamie led us in forming a voice and identity that resonated with our audiences and helped develop meaningful engagement. Customers, partners and stakeholders frequently complimented the quality of our communications."

John Kemp, Manager, OnCourse Engagement, GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf

(Now Project Manager, Golf Course 2030, The R&A)

My writing will raise awareness and donations for your clients so they can keep making a difference.