Charity Case Study – Finding a Voice

Raising awareness and donations to help the homeless community and their dogs

In January 2017, I volunteered to help a grassroots homeless organisation called Breakfast in a Bag with its social media.

With a day job and a young family keeping me busy, I only had around 15 minutes a day to spare. How could I make a big difference with so little time?

We were competing for attention and donations with large charities that had full-time resources, so I decided to use my creativity to stand out.

I wrote and shared a short poem from a homeless person’s perspective, which got a lot of engagement. This initial idea became a hugely successful strategy for the 15 months I volunteered.

Fast forward to now, and Breakfast in a Bag has become Dogs on the Streets – a registered charity helping the homeless community and their dogs. I’m managing the LinkedIn Company Page, which wasn’t previously updated.

It’s a real privilege to champion the work done by Michelle Clark and her team while raising money and driving donations of food and equipment.

Street Dog

Every penny counts

With social media donations being the main source of income, I’ve raised several thousand pounds, which has paid for a huge number of £3 breakfast bags and dog care essentials.


Emotional content

With no marketing budget, every social media post has to be attention-grabbing, engaging and encourage people to donate via PayPal or buy items from Amazon.


Fundraising events

I’ve initiated and run several successful online fundraising events, including an art auction on eBay, Spare Change Week and writing a children’s Christmas story.

Let’s write your success story

“Jamie is a real asset to the team and helps with new ideas around how we can gain followers and raise more money.”

Michelle Clark, Founder, Breakfast in a Bag & Dogs on the Streets

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