Copywriting portfolio and clients

What I’ve done and who I work with

You can see some of my examples via the portfolio link below. The vast majority of my work since starting The Hidden Voices has been for digital agencies and is covered by confidentiality agreements. I always stick to my word on that.

Here’s a snapshot of the results I’ve helped clients achieve:

  • A lead magnet I wrote generated over 500 new enquiries for a financial advisor network
  • Content for a global non-profit attracted inbound press opportunities from the New York Times, CNN and the BBC
  • Raised several thousand pounds for a grassroots homeless organisation by spending just 10 minutes per day posting on their social media accounts
  • Website content for a charity improved its search engine presence and increased furniture donations by 30% in just a few months
  • I’ve written successful award entries for several digital agencies that raised their profiles nationally and internationally
  • Helped a local law firm increase the quality and volume of its inbound leads while cutting its PPC spend by 50%


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