3 hassle-free ways to stop content

delaying your websites

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Your clients insist on writing the content themselves and keep missing deadlines

  • They pay you thousands for a website but don’t want to spend a penny on content

  • The copy they supply isn’t fit for purpose, and arrives when you least expect it

These issues can give you a headache regarding scheduling, cash flow and the ROI of your clients’ websites.

It can all start to feel exhausting if it happens repeatedly with different clients. You don’t need to put up with the status quo, though.

You could be as happy as Larry here when you download my free guide. It explores three hassle-free ways to stop content delaying your website projects.

Ultimately, it’s in everyone’s best interests to ensure web copy:

  • Gets enquiries and sales
  • Addresses the target audience’s pain points
  • Overcomes objections and answers their questions

Too many websites are written from the company’s perspective, ignoring what matters most to prospective buyers. That’s not ideal when a client has spent a four or five-figure sum on a brand-new site.

Read more below about what’s in the guide.


Dancing man in yellow shirt.


Copywriting Checklist

Give your clients a clear structure to ensure their website content does your fantastic design justice and delivers new business.


This vs That

What are the hidden costs of DIY copy? This section guides you through an example you can share with your clients.


Copywriter Review

When your client’s an inexperienced writer, getting a professional to cast an expert eye over their content will make a world of difference.

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