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You know the drill by now. Your agency clients will happily pay you to design and build a beautiful website. Then they utter the words you dread to hear, “We’ll write the content ourselves.” That probably makes perfect sense to them. However, trouble is usually afoot.

  • They massively underestimate the time it’s going to take
  • They’ve never written web copy before and don’t know where to start
  • They think they’re saving money but don’t allocate a cost to their time
  • When their website doesn’t convert as they’d hoped, they point the finger elsewhere

Avoid these potential headaches by bringing in an experienced website copywriter from the start.

  • Your deadlines will be met
  • Your schedule will run smoothly
  • Your cash flow will be more predictable
  • Your clients’ websites will convert

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Here’s a snapshot of how I help agencies keep their clients happy. 

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In-depth research

Your clients will understand their business inside out, but that doesn’t mean they’ve thoroughly researched their audience, competitors and relevant keywords. Skipping these essential steps is a massive no-no.

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Persuasive content

I never stop learning about consumer psychology. It’s fascinating and has helped me achieve outstanding results for my clients over the years. I’ve written web copy for Hilton, eBay (buying guides) and LinkedIn.

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On-page SEO as standard

My time as a digital marketing manager gave me a great grounding in all things SEO. Every web page I write is created with on-page SEO best practices at the forefront without impacting engagement and conversions.

"Jamie has been an incredible support to our company. He has written a lot of great content for excellent value for our online holiday websites. It has been over 10 years now since we started working with Jamie and we are extremely satisfied with his services. It is my pleasure to recommend Jamie to others looking for a professional content writer."

Gaurav Jaura, Director, Viva Holidays

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