Why DIY video scripts don’t cut the mustard


There’s always a buzz of excitement when your clients want to use video to get their message across. However, it pays to curb their enthusiasm without raining on their parade. You’ll want to avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Everyone involved fancies themselves as a scriptwriter, despite having no experience
  • The number of copy amends runs into double figures and stops you from moving the project forward
  • Rather than sizzling on screen, the result is as flat as a pancake and doesn’t deliver what it was meant to

3 reasons to hire me instead of leaving things to chance

  • I’ve written video scripts for global banks, investment firms and non-profits
  • I’m a playwright in my spare time and have had shows performed on the stage and online
  • Your clients will benefit from my experience and expertise to get things right first time

Keep reading to discover more about my animation and video script writing services.  

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Writing a memorable video script begins with collaboration. Too many cooks spoil the broth, but having a creative brainstorm between two or three main stakeholders will unearth powerful ideas to bring to life.

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Script development

I combine compelling storytelling with meeting the main objective of each video. Scripts need to evoke emotion and make people take the desired action, avoiding the trap of writing something nice for the sake of it.

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All too often, the promotion part of video production gets ignored. When so much time, skill and effort has gone into making the final cut, it’s essential to have a plan in place so that as many relevant people as possible watch it.

"Jamie is a very talented writer and a bloody nice guy. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jamie in a client-agency relationship and as a freelance resource to tda! Jamie is quick to brief, asks great questions and comes up with creative copy that delivers. We view Jamie as an extension of our own team and I’m very happy to recommend him."

Michael Salmon, Managing Director & Founder, tda!

Every word matters. Every second counts.

Let’s join forces to delight your clients.