Article writing with aplomb


AI-generated articles can save you and your clients time. But, they can also cost conversions, the essence of what makes a brand resonate with its audience and a unique tone of voice.

When you want people to feel something that drives them to act, a human touch is unbeatable.

There’s much more to article writing than rearranging the alphabet and hitting publish. Here’s a flavour of what you’ll get when you choose The Hidden Voices:

  • Keyword, competitor and audience research
  • Sourcing and interviewing relevant experts
  • Two headline options with an SEO score out of 100
  • Writing meta titles and descriptions 
  • Writing the article in line with brand/TOV guidelines provided 
  • Internal links with relevant keywords
  • Suggestions for social media posts
  • Detailed copy notes to explain my thinking and approach 
  • Up to two sets of amends, if required
  • Monitoring article performance using Google Analytics

The price per article varies depending on length, quantity, interviews etc.

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Blog writing

Finding the time to write regular blogs ain’t easy. They’re still an amazing way to drive relevant traffic, win new customers and provide captivating content for social media. But only when done properly.

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Print articles

I’ve written for several financial services magazines and journals during my career. I craft engaging content people want to read and have interviewed well-known investors, CEOs and FinTech founders.

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Thought leadership

Whether you want to raise your agency’s profile or that of a client, I’ve ghost-written for various people and publications online and offline. Working with different tones of voice to ensure authenticity comes naturally to me.

"Jamie is an excellent copywriter, and has worked with us on some of our big brand clients. His work is of a high standard, always returned promptly and with great attention to detail. Jamie is also lovely to work with: reliable, responsive and enthusiastic."

Heather Murray, Managing Director, Beesting Digital

There’s an art to article writing, and I’d love to help you and your clients achieve tremendous things.