Hey, I just met you, my name is Jamie

What can I do for your agency?

Apparently, I’m a ‘rare breed’. A few clients have used that term to describe me over the years, but what does it mean?

When you work with me, you get a great copywriter (of course) and someone who parks their ego at the door. I’m old enough and wise enough to manage projects in a frictionless way with your team and clients to deliver work that gets results. My writing is not a side-hustle or part-time project. It’s my profession, and I take it, and your trust seriously.

I’m easy to work with, flexible and adaptable. One day that could mean interviewing a CEO for a blog article, and the next, I could be brainstorming ideas for video scripts. You can rely on me to stick to my word, deliver on time and add value throughout your agency’s content process. Despite my height, I was never a great goalkeeper as a kid, but I’m more than a safe pair of copywriting hands – giving you one less thing to worry about.


A proven track record

Many of the world’s biggest banks have trusted me to write their copy. I’ve also written for eBay, Hilton, LinkedIn and lots of charities/non-profits.


Attention to detail

All the big stuff and little stuff matters. So I typically go beyond the project scope to ensure everything is tickety-boo.



Project delays? A client’s spanner in the works? I’m calm under pressure, take everything in my stride, and respond positively to every situation.

Not all copywriters are the same

Building a long-lasting relationship with me will deliver many benefits and ensure your content projects run like a well-oiled machine.

Delight your clients

Boost customer retention

Grow your revenue

Let's have a call to see if we're a good fit

We can work on a small project together first

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