I’m just one guy doing his best to write a blog post, so I can’t go into every potential use of ChatGPT for charities right now.

However, as a copywriter, I thought it would be useful to run a little content experiment. I’ve dabbled a bit with AI for research, but I’m certainly not an experienced prompt engineer or whatever the right name is.

Let’s start with my mini-brief

Can you draft a short social media post for a mental health charity in the UK. The audience is professionals aged 40+ working in the creative services industry who may be suffering from stress and anxiety problems. The post should include some of the issues they might be facing and why they should consider phoning the charity’s helpline if they’re struggling.

ChatGPT’s version

🌟 Hey fellow creative professionals aged 40+ in the UK! 🎨✨ Feeling the weight of stress and anxiety in the demanding world of creative services? 🤯💼 You’re not alone. Juggling tight deadlines, client expectations, and personal pressures can take a toll on your mental well-being. 🧠💔

🤝 That’s why we’re here for you! Reach out to our helpline at [Charity Helpline Phone Number] whenever you need to talk. Our experienced and compassionate team understands the unique challenges you face, from creative burnout to imposter syndrome. We provide a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings without judgment. 🗣️💕

💪 Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Let’s work together to foster a healthier and happier creative community. 🌈💖 #MentalHealthMatters #CreativeWellness #YouAreNotAlone 🌟

What would I do differently?

This isn’t an exhaustive list because I’m going to include my version further down the page. However, several things stuck out for me, including:

  1. There are too many emojis, especially for such a serious topic
  2. The opening line is awful and uses “fellow creative professionals”, even though I said the post was coming from a mental health charity
  3. It’s got more of a factual tone than an emotional one 
  4. It’s thrown in a couple of random exclamation points for no real reason
  5. It didn’t suggest #stress or #anxiety as relevant hashtags, which seems like a missed opportunity
  6. Will it stop the scroll on a social media feed? Unlikely

It took me a bit longer than ChatGPT to write the post below, but no more than a few minutes. 

My version

Pulling another late one in return for pizza? You know it’s not worth it. 

If you’ve been feeling like a robot churning out creative, we know what you’re going through. A huge workload and tight deadlines all fade into one – day after day. 

When there’s no one in your agency to turn to, we’re here to listen. Life beyond work is precious. Call us now on [number] because your mental health matters. 

#Anxiety #Stress #AgencyLife #MentalHealthMatters

A final word

Tools like ChatGPT definitely have their uses. I’m unconvinced that writing content is one of them. If you work in a charity and are already close to your audience and subject matter, I don’t see how getting poor quality suggestions you need to spend time amending helps much.

It was certainly quicker for me to create my post from scratch than to pick apart the version above.

What do you think? Have you tried using AI for content creation in your charity? 

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