Steal my 7-step process for writing compelling animation and video scripts.

You know, only if you want to.

Don’t feel obliged. 😉


Here’s what I do once I’ve read the brief.


1) Get outside

Grab a pen and a notepad and go into nature or somewhere with a great view.


2) Bring the target audience to life

Amplify their pain points and get clear on why they’d be interested in watching.


3) Sketch out the structure

I keep this bit simple. How does the information I have fit into a clear beginning, middle and end?


4) Jot down whatever comes to mind

– Sparks of imagination
– Emotive language
– Analogies & inspiration from elsewhere


5) Let things brew

I’ll then head home, put my notepad away and think about something else entirely. This could be for a few hours or overnight.


6) Fire up my laptop

I type out all my handwritten notes. Then I carefully craft everything into a first draft.


7) Make it sing

The editing stage is where the magic happens. Making the script as tight and impactful as possible so it’s the right length.

Again, I’ll let it sit for a while before having one last read through in my head and out loud.


PS To round things off, I do my usual 3 checks.

1) Does it make sense?
2) Spelling and grammar
3) Does it meet the brief?


I’ve written video and animation scripts for global non-profits and leading investment companies.

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