Are your blog posts a one-link wonder?

For example, do you hit publish and then post the link to your site once on all your social platforms?

Taking the time to plan your blog posts can result in a new bunch of repurposed assets for social media.

Doing this has three major benefits:

  • It will save you time creating new content from scratch
  • You’ll be able to plan a content calendar in advance rather than being reactive
  • You’ll get more value from each blog post you write

Here are 11 ideas for you:

1) Take direct quotes from your article and turn them into social graphics.

2) Turn the blog title into a #ThursdayThoughts question for your audience.

3) Record a short video covering the three main points.

4) Take the most exciting or controversial fact from your blog and turn it into an audio post.

5) Write a short intro and send it to your customers with the link (don’t assume they’ll read it without being prompted).

6) Record a personalised voice note about your post and send it to five relevant LinkedIn connections.

7) Experiment with different post content and share the link on your social platforms again (very few people remember everything they’ve seen).

8) Go back to every blog post you’ve written after a few months to see if you can update it.

9) Look out for awareness days relevant to the topic and jump on that bandwagon.

10) Get someone in your team to write a unique introduction and post it as a LinkedIn article with a link back to your original version.

11) Put the key points/takeaways from the article into a LinkedIn carousel and post it on your profile.

You don’t need to do all of the above, but picking out a few will make your blog posts work that bit harder and more likely to get some traction.

If you need any help or advice getting started with your content repurposing plan, drop me a message now.