When I started this Thursday Thoughts series, I didn’t expect to write about petrol at all, never mind two weeks in a row.

I was out in the car at lunchtime yesterday and saw a small garage and petrol station in the distance.

The price of petrol was between 7p and 10p cheaper than anywhere else locally, so I stopped. 

While the price attracted me, the service is what will make me go back. Someone came to fill my car up for me, and it was nice to have a chat with him. 

I also overheard one of the owners talking to the fuel tanker driver about how she wanted to sell petrol for a fair price to help local people out. 

Guess where I’m going for my fuel from now on? I don’t even care if they always have the lowest price.

In my business, I respond quickly to every message I get, whether it’s a new lead or a current client. 

It’s a small thing that costs nothing, but quite a few people have commented on it positively.

The small details matter.

Are there quick and easy changes you can make to help your agency stand out in the crowded market? 

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