I’d like to tell you a little story in this week’s Thursday Thoughts post.

Jim’s SatNav had packed up in the dry heat of the desert.

His wife, Pauline, sat stony-faced and turned as far away from him as she could.

The yellow warning light had been on for what seemed like an eternity. Jim had glugged the last of the tepid water around five miles back. He said he thought there was another bottle.

Then bang out of nowhere, Jim eased round a rare corner on the back road to what seemed like a mirage in the distance.

“Hey honey, see, I told you, there’s a gas station right up ahead.”

“You’re not American, Jim!” Pauline snapped, barely registering what he’d said.

Jim did that weird beard-stroking thing he does when he’s anxious.

There were two antique-looking pumps standing there as the rental car chugged onto what was a makeshift forecourt.

“Should I fill ‘er up?” came a call from nowhere.

“That would be brilliant, thank you,” Jim replied to the enthusiastic young man striding towards the car.

“No problem,” came the response.

Jim and Pauline got out of the car to stretch their legs while Dale (according to his name badge) took care of the refuelling.

After getting directions to the nearest store and settling up, the couple resumed their journey in better spirits, with Pauline behind the wheel.

A short time later, the car started jumping uncontrollably. Pauline slammed on the brakes.

Cars don’t get far with the wrong fuel.

The same goes for websites.

Words can propel your business or make it stall.

Enough motoring puns. Despite the lighthearted story above, I want to finish on a serious note.

I’ve seen websites that cost five figures to design and build fail badly because of poorly written client content.

I’ve worked in digital agencies and understand the reasons why this happens, so I’m not being judgemental.

My copywriting services won’t leave you or your clients in limbo with a website that doesn’t convert.